Computer Engineering

INTAKE: 60 seats.

Computer Engineering (CO) is a discipline that combines elements of both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Computer Engineers have training in Electrical
Engineering, software design and hardware-software integration. Computer Engineers are involved in numerous aspects of computing right from the design of microprocessors,personal computers and super computers to their circuit designs.
Computer Engineers write software and firmware used in embedded microcontrollers, design VLSI chips,design analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards and operating systems.
Computer Engineers are also suited for robotics research that relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems such as motor communication and sensors.

LABORATORIES: Four fully equipped Computer Labs , Hardware lab with printers & scanners , Basic Electronics Lab,Physics Lab & Chemistry Lab , Network OS – Novell Netware, Windows & Linux Servers , Software – Oracle, Autocad, SQL, VB, .NET , Turbo C/C++.

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